Budgeting and Forecasting

One of the fundamental elements of Cygnus BI’s offering is data solutions that enables businesses to analyse, plan and forecast budgeting requirements.

Our budgeting and forecasting solutions, which sits on Infor’s d/EPM platform, enable you to manage corporate performance and link it back to your strategic plan. The accuracy of the reports and models it produces ensures businesses are continuously aware of their performance and can track against budget in real time. It’s capability to predict trends and create scenarios makes it even more powerful and intuitive.

Its full integration of data, workflow management and streamlining of business processes improves accuracy, control and flexibility while providing more dependable methods of forecasting all over a shorter time frame..

Statutory Consolidation

Our statutory consolidation solution on Infor d/EPM’s platform lets you collect, merge and report financial data from various departments or business sites within your organisation. The automation of importing data and merging general ledgers to a single chart of accounts ensures consolidated reports can be created quickly, easily, with precision, and segmented at any time throughout the process for analysis. No longer will you spend countless hours looking at numerous spreadsheets, trying to link everything together. The financial clarity it brings to any business guarantees that you will be in control of all finances and financial projections for future revenues and expenses.

Cost Value Recognition

Cygnus BI specialise in analytic solutions and have developed a unique pre-built management software platform, called Cost Value Recognition, which has been specifically tailored towards the construction industry.

The comprehensive analytics solution, enables organisations to swiftly deploy a platform to monitor, report and analyse all current projects from individual project through to programme level. This is paramount for construction organisations in monitoring the progress of any construction projects and keeping track of their costs against tender.

Using Microsoft SQL and Infor’s d/EPM platform, Cygnus BI’s Cost Value Recognition model offers organisations a unique and dynamic platform that brings a single interface to this complex requirement. It is available in an on premise or cloud format, as well as being optimised for mobile and office deployment in either configuration.

Cost Value Recognition allows businesses, particularly those within the construction industry, to seamlessly manage corporate performance on both a commercial and individual project level. Organisations can quickly, easily and accurately draw out trends and produce analytics on the progress of the business level of all projects, and future forecasts.

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