Microsoft Power BI

A simple, yet powerful analytics solution for visualisation of business data

Power BI is a simple, yet extremely powerful platform enabling businesses to monitor, track, and forecast organisational developments through analyses of data. Power BI collates all of your most important data from the entire business and creates interactive reports, displayed into personalised dashboards. The sophistication and flexibility of the analytic tools available ensures you can share vital insights into your organisation, monitor the return on investment, and find answers to your most important business questions seamlessly.

Streamline Processes

The gathering, analysing and reporting of key business data in one place, enables designated staff members to access reports, dashboards and key performance indicators at any given time.

Flexibility of Reports

Interactive reports can be tailored to specific areas of the business or projects with fully customisable dashboards, giving you the flexibility to receive, analyse and visualise the data that you need.


Its simplicity not only makes it easy to use, but allows data to be kept up to date on the go. Reports can be easily shared, keeping everyone in the loop at all times.

Infor d/EPM

Powerful Analytics Solutions for robust business performance

Infor d/EPM is a best in class business intelligence software platform, organising all of your data into one integrated solution with a common user interface, enabling you to easily visualise that data and make sense of your business. Its powerful functionality allows you to analyse and plan for the future with its forecasting and budgeting capabilities, as well as analysis of the impact on risk and compliance. This leading edge software automatically aggregates your data accurately, eliminating any lost hours manually updating spreadsheets and allowing you to focus on making key business decisions to bring in a return on investment.

Improve Performance

Through analysis of company-wide data you can gain valuable insights into the operational performance of your business and make better informed decisions to improve its strategic approach.

Financial Management

Its powerful functionality with its forecasting and budgeting capabilities allows you to analyse and manage the organisations past, present and future financial position.

Risk and Compliance

Recognise and manage any risks associated to the business through analysis and monitoring of data systems for inconsistencies in real time.


Harnessing the power of big data analytics for new insights

Hadoop is a software framework that makes big data easier to manage. It is a big data technology that handles very large, fast moving data sets, and uses a flexible framework for processing them quickly, efficiently and securely.

Stores data

The infrastructure of Hadoop lets you store numerous large files, bigger than what could be stored on one server. That data is then processed and delivered to wherever is needed.

Ability to process data

MapReduce is a framework within Hadoop that processes the big data. The result is a highly scalable platform that lets you process large data sets very quickly.

Cost Effective

Hadoop offers a cost effective option for organisations with large data sets that are ever growing. All company data can be stored, referred back to and analysed.

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